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Prioritize understanding and mitigating clear and present risks, then plan for emerging risks.
It has long been said, “the only constant is change.” In the world of business, the only thing changing faster than digitalization is childrens’ minds about which superhero or Hocus Pocus...
Cybercriminals are getting smarter. And that means your company's cybersecurity measures should, too.
For this draft, I won’t be picking a fake football team. Instead, I thought I would draft my “fantasy security top picks” to make sure my team (or Startup organization) will be resilient every week...
Here are the cybersecurity trends and technologies that CISOs are discussing.
We are here to guide you on what SOC 2 and ISO 27001 standards are, which one is right for you, and what you can expect when preparing for these certification types.
Whether or not the device is under the control of the business, VPNs, when properly configured, ensure the traffic is protected end-end, and therefore meets several regulatory requirements.
Virtual CISO (or vCISO) services provide access to experts that have various specializations. Eden Data provides the best vCISO in the world.
One important tool of SOC 2 reporting session to customers is the SOC 2 readiness testing that helps firms to manage all of their cybersecurity needs.
Getting an ISO 27001 certification for a startup is no simple task. Know the requirements for ISO 27001 for startups. Get help from a top cybersecurity firm.
‍HIPAA was started mainly to streamline the flow of information in healthcare, instructing insurance companies on maintaining and protecting PII.
If your SaaS company is working with any sensitive information related to patients, should consider looking into getting HIPAA compliant.
The following SOC 2 guide will help clarify whether you are or not so that you can spend more time focusing on improving your business.
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