The Benefits Of vCISO & Advisory Services

Virtual CISO (or vCISO) services provide access to experts that have various specializations. Eden Data provides the best vCISO in the world.

Companies struggle to fill the CISO role and end up running without a dedicated cybersecurity expert in their organization. Now, many startups and companies are working with a Virtual CISO to fill this void. What is a Virtual CISO? Why is it difficult for the business to find people to fill the role? What can be done to make this role easy to fill?

‍‍What is a CISO?

‍‍A chief information security officer (CISO) is an expert who creates the cybersecurity strategy of an organization. They ensure that the required security measures are implemented and improved and a contingency plan created to ensure a business prospers. Certified information systems security professional is slightly similar to a CISO, though there are a few differences. CISO is tasked with creating and implementing the security strategy. CISSPS offers recommendations for executing laid-out strategies but is not responsible for creating the strategy. A CISO is likely to have a CISSP certification, but that does not mean that all CISSPs are CISO.

‍Challenges of finding a CISO

Larger companies dedicate resources to find, train, and recruit a CISO who is a senior-level manager in the organization. However, startups are a different breed and do not always require an employee to take on the CISO role.

There is a shortage of qualified cyber-security experts; therefore, the cost of hiring one is expensive. The annual CISO salary can go up to $400,000, excluding profit-sharing earnings and bonuses depending on the city. Despite the lucrative salary, it is hard to find a CISO. There are very few business executives that have the correct mix in information security and business. In-house CISOs are expected to perform a double role simultaneously, and not enough people have training in more than one field.

So what is a virtual CISO or vCISO? Acquiring the services of virtual CISO is a way to circumvent the challenges of a full-time CISO. There are many benefits of having a virtual chief information security officer.

‍‍Benefits of a virtual CISO

‍‍Virtual CISO (or vCISO) services provide access to experts that have various specializations This means that the CISO has a wide range of experiences to use, making them handle cybersecurity needs efficiently. When you look at how expensive it is to hire an in-house CISO consultant, this option is perfect for startup companies.

Since it is hard to find a CISO, some businesses run without the benefit of a CISO, which prevents their business from prospering. Hackers take advantage of vulnerabilities in the cyber security system. A virtual CISO service will give you immediate access to experts that reduce your cybersecurity risks, handle the impacts of a security breach, and will allow your business to thrive.

‍vCISO systems involve a team of people; they have more time and resources to monitor the organization than one information executive can. If one person in the vCISO team is unavailable, you can rely on the rest of the team to offer information security services. You get a detailed inspection and closer look at the cybersecurity needs of your company and be quick to note a security breach. Having more eyes on a project with diverse expertise will help you resolve issues that would have gone unnoticed.

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