Virtual CISO leadership for the next generation of startups

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Eden Data sows the seeds to augment your cybersecurity leadership needs so that you can focus on growing your company.

We build security, compliance, and data privacy programs for startups and next-gen organizations based on their exact goals and tech stack. Say "Bye Felicia" to security questionnaires and control framework spreadsheets, and instead say 'Alright, Alright, Alright' to growing your company with Eden Data the cybersecurity experts.  We can be your virtual security team.
Cybersecurity Experts
Critical security & compliance services to help organizations expand into new markets.
Data Privacy
Data privacy assurance to attract clients/investors.
SaaS and Automation First
SaaS and automation-first approach to enable short and long term scalability.
fractional CISO
Continuous security posture optimization for breach avoidance and regulatory adherence.

Our Fractional CISO subscription-based consulting model will encompass all of your strategic security, compliance & data privacy needs.

If that sound good to you, Eden Data has you covered. No hidden service costs. Clear project expectations. No outsourcing. No bullspit (as we say down here in Texas).
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Seed Monthly

Sprout Monthly

Sapling Monthly

Seed Monthly
Starting at $4,000/mo
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Seed base plan includes:
Security risk assessment
Executive strategy
Security roadmap
Insight on tools, tech, resources, etc
Policy/doc templates
Sprout Monthly
Starting at $7,000/mo
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Sprout base plan includes:
Organize security program
build compliance framework
Security policies & controls creation
Implement program within GRC solutions
Document organizational security procedures
Suggest mechanisms for audits
Test control performance
Suggest risk mitigation tools
Maintain alignment with business goals

Sapling Monthly

Starting at $10,000/mo
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Sapling base plan includes:

Security compliance program
Procedures documentation
Control performance tracking
Review/improve audit evidence 
Tools implementation
Architecture reviews 
Manage audit readiness
Own audit lifecycle
Monitor roadmap progress

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Customers are realizing the value of Eden Data's vCISO.

Data's vCISO
100% customer satisfaction
Data's vCISO
100% customer retention
Data's vCISO
Zero audit findings

… but, by all means, don’t take our word for it. Take theirs.

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