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Protect your business's digital assets and stay ahead of threats with Eden Data’s exceptional CISO as a Service. Eden Data provides seasoned cybersecurity professionals with the experience and capabilities to develop and implement security strategies tailored to your needs to keep your organization secure!

What Is CISO as a Service?

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is a senior executive responsible for creating and implementing an IT security program, including procedures and policies to protect an organization's communications, systems, and assets from internal and external threats. CISO as a Service is a cost-effective solution offered by Eden Data, where businesses can leverage the skills of seasoned security professionals without the need to hire a full-time, in-house specialist. 

In addition to this, the service provides customized safety strategies, risk management, compliance support, and incident response planning. It is ideal for organizations looking to bolster their online security posture while optimizing resources and focusing on core business functions.

Eden Data's vCISO Roles in Your Organization

At Eden Data, we are committed to helping organizations stay secure and comply with regulations. Our experts will help you develop a robust security strategy that meets your business needs. Here are some of the roles of our vCISO:

  • Assessing and managing risks: Our professionals will be responsible for assessing and managing business safety risks from known and unknown threats. Aside from that, they will continuously monitor your organization's security landscape and implement measures to mitigate risks.
  • Guiding senior management: Our experts will advise you on the state of security and risks. They will focus on people, processes, and technology, ensuring that you are aware of potential cyber threats and the measures in place to counter them.
  • Developing cybersecurity roadmaps: They will also be responsible for creating long-term online safety roadmaps, including the development and implementation of policies, procedures, and controls.
  • Ensuring compliance: Our CISOs will ensure your company complies with local and international regulatory requirements. This includes demystifying the regulatory landscape and making sure that policies and procedures are in place to meet these requirements.
  • Conducting security assessments: Our team will help you in conducting online safety assessments to identify gaps in your system and define a baseline for protective measures. This includes analyzing the current condition of your company's security and defining the desired state.
  • Building relationships with stakeholders: Eden Data's vCISOs will build relationships with various stakeholders, including customers, partners, and regulatory bodies. Also, our specialist will communicate your firm's security posture and measures taken to protect data and systems.
  • Technical advisory and operational expertise: As part of our services, our professionals play the roles of advisors, technologists, roadmap strategists, and operational experts. They will guide your business team on continuous, effective, and efficient operations for cybersecurity.
  • Cloud infrastructure management: They are also involved in more technical aspects, such as evaluating and managing cloud infrastructure postures and continuous scanning to ensure data is secure.
  • Customized security strategies: Our specialists will develop custom safety strategies that are aligned with your firm's objectives. This includes establishing administrative, technical, physical, and operational processes and controls.

Why Do Businesses Need vCISO as a Service? 

The digitalization of business activities increases vulnerabilities and cloud-based attacks. Malicious code injection, phishing, ransomware, and other threats are anticipated consequences of increased online transactions, making cybersecurity more important than ever. That is why businesses need robust online safety mechanisms to preserve the integrity of their cloud-based assets. However, this often comes with a hefty price tag, rendering them inaccessible for startups who can't hire a full-time CISO. 

Hence, Eden Data's CISO as a Service gives businesses the luxury of on-demand access to cybersecurity specialists who remotely manage their systems. As a renowned cloud security provider, we can boost your business's safety, ensuring it remains in sync with industry standards and technological advancements. We present a cost-effective yet invaluable alternative to an in-house CISO. Our economic monthly subscription model gives companies access to a team of seasoned professionals for the price of a single employee. Thus, your enterprise can acquire high-level security expertise without the cost associated with hiring in-house cybersecurity specialists.

Benefits of CISO as a Service

CISCO as a Service offers a multitude of advantages, some of which have been shared below:

  • Since engaging a vCISOs is cost-effective, it eliminates the need for hiring a full-time staff, saving on salary and benefits while still providing insightful security guidance.
  • Businesses get the right skills on demand and gain access to a pool of specialists with diverse skills ready to address various online safety challenges. Aside from that, it allows internal teams to focus on core business functions while experts handle security.
  • Companies can scale their team when they want. At Eden Data, we offer our services so that you can easily bump them up or down depending on your firm's ever-changing needs.
  • Quick response to threats is yet another benefit of CISO as a Service. With a team of experts at your disposal, your organization can swiftly respond to security incidents and counter threats with greater agility. Also, proactive risk assessments and mitigation strategies can be employed to protect against emerging threats.
  • The service will help create and maintain business continuity plans to ensure that operations can continue in the event of a disaster or security incident.

Eden Data's vCISO: The Ideal Cybersecurity Choice for Businesses 

Are you new to cybersecurity? At Eden Data, we have the ideal CISO model for you. 

Whether you want to create a robust security plan or you want advice on staying compliant with regulations, our professionals are ready to assist you. They will tailor your IT security strategy to your business needs and technology stacks. 

Also, they will provide expert online security consulting services, including audit, advice, supervision, and management, to startups, scale-ups, and cloud-based organizations. Our CISO as a Service costs less than employing an in-house team, meaning you save money while accessing quality services. Aside from that, you have a large talent pool to choose from when you hire Eden Data's vCISO. 

Experience-wise, our team comprises Big 4 professionals and former military cybersecurity experts who have experience in a wide range of technical, compliance, risk, and industry environments. They are not only highly skilled specialists with skills across all industries and technology, but they will work hard to build relationships with your team, becoming essential members of your squad.

To make security easier, we have categorized our services into three tiers – Seed, Sprout, and Sapling:

  • Seed: Perfect for firms seeking guidance through the compliance terrain (e.g., SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, HITRUST, etc.).
  • Sprout: An optimal choice for businesses seeking compliance and security. We can serve as your vCISO and support your existing team with expert insights.
  • Sapling: A comprehensive solution encompassing compliance, security, and privacy. Our professionals will act as your Data Protection Officer and assist with international data protection regulations such as GDPR.

Cybersecurity with Eden Data means you have access to all these services at a fixed and predictable monthly fee. Level up your security today!

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