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One important tool of SOC 2 reporting session to customers is the SOC 2 readiness testing that helps firms to manage all of their cybersecurity needs.

Trusting a third-party service organization to do specialized tasks, projects, skills, and functions related to the security of their information is a crucial and appealing strategy for businesses of all sizes. However, a significant reason why some business leaders are reluctant about outsourcing their cybersecurity work is the risk to their information. The American Institute of CPAs foresaw this and developed the system and organizational control (SOC) 2 audit. It is a solution that eases data security concerns for clients and service organizations.

The value and weight of every SOC 2 reporting session to customers display the importance of service organizations using available tools to offer internal control assurance. One important tool is the SOC 2 readiness testing.

Importance of SOC 2 readiness in organizations

Startups are collaborating with world-renowned firms to manage all of their cybersecurity needs, specifically SOC 2 requirements. By allowing a firm to handle the SOC 2 requirements, startups can focus on essential business tasks. Companies also access technological capabilities while freeing internal IT resources for other purposes.

World-class cybersecurity firms will work with their client's internal system, cloud service, and network to do colocation, data processing, data hosting, shared hosting, Virtual Private Server, platform as a service, data as a service, software as a service, and infrastructure service. Work with SOC 2 experts you can trust with customer data, human resource information, intellectual property, and more.

Why Eden Data?

At Eden Data, our sole interest is protecting your collected, processed, transmitted, stored, and disposed of data. Even though our primary purpose is to tap into your resources, our protective duty extends to your company.

We focus on the five trust services criteria: confidentiality, privacy, security, processing integrity, and availability. In addition, we help you determine if the relevant systems are efficiently protected from unauthorized access.

Our commitment ensures organic development and a company culture that is framework-oriented. Through our services, organizations can catch inconsistencies and missteps and rectify them before a data breach occurs.

We conduct SOC 2 readiness testing to ensure that your organization's controls are working as intended. Readiness testing is vital because service organizations need to evaluate their control environment before launching a SOC 2 audit. In a readiness assessment, deficiencies, inconsistencies, and other issues can crops up. Our role is to identify potential issues and act immediately to correct them so that your company does not suffer the consequences of an unsatisfactory final report.

We have the power to narrow the scope of an audit. SOC 2 audit can have a life of its own due to locations, people, and information systems. Readiness tests help narrow down the scope to specific systems and business processes that save time and resources. In addition, we can clarify remediation strategies before an audit is launched.

We ensure that we match you with the right SOC for your business. First, we select and meet with service auditors to discuss concerns and possible issues of an audit. Then, according to your business needs, we develop system descriptions that reflect the criteria of controls and assertions.

At Eden Data, we work to make sure that your SOC 2 readiness is pristine, as well as all of the cybersecurity for your company. We can be reached at (512) 595-4974. Our experienced cybersecurity team is happy to help any way we can! 

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