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Our Sprint plan is designed to help you get your audit report rapidly for SOC 2, HIPAA, or ISO 27001 in your GRC of choice. We will be available and responsive to questions pertaining to strategic level decisions, educating your team on standard practice within the compliance world (specifically related to companies just like you), and generally helping to direct the compliance goals of the organization.


Our Engage plan is designed to help you pass ongoing audits and seamlessly remain compliant for SOC 2, HIPAA, or ISO 27001 in your GRC of choice.




Eden Data’s cybersecurity services begin with a Security Maturity Assessment (SMA). This is a critical service designed to provide organizations with a detailed evaluation of their current cybersecurity posture. By examining various security domains against best practices and frameworks, the SMA identifies the maturity of an organization’s security practices, highlighting areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. This comprehensive analysis facilitates informed decision-making for enhancing cybersecurity measures, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, and effectively managing risk.

AWS Security Best Practices
Perform reviews to evaluate and optimize the reliability, security, and efficiency of their AWS workloads, ultimately leading to better performance, greater risk reduction, and cost savings. Review existing AWS-native security tools and their deployment and/or relevance for a client's environment, including the use of AWS Organizations, Control Tower, Trusted Advisor, Security Hub, and other native tools for a foundational security architecture.
Roadmap development
Perform a comprehensive analysis across all Security Domains to rank existing capabilities, perform peer comparisons, and identify key focus areas with a roadmap built with a risk-prioritized lens.
Premium Risk Assessment
Perform a detailed risk analysis by considering likelihood, impact, exposure; develop risk-prioritized mitigation strategies, create or enhance the Risk Register. The risk assessment will be based on a business-first approach, and aims to identify risks across different areas of the organization, providing a holistic view of risk exposure and business expectations.
Premium Incident Management
Program DevelopmentEvaluate and leverage automation for initial triage, evaluate existing toolset and capabilities, develop internal automated IR capabilities or define requirements for 3rd parties to assist and/or manage Incident Response, including Forensics investigations.
Premium Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Development
Evaluate and/or perform robust Business Impact Analysis for proper coverage for critical dependencies, ensure alignment with business SLAs, and review BC/DR capabilties for Fault Tolerance by design, proper backup designs and restoration capabilties, and executable DR plans
Premium Threat Management Program Development
Evaluate Log configurations at source, ensure proper details and sufficent coverage. Review and/or assist with designing log storage, lifecycle management, immutability. Review and/or refine endpoint security for workstations and Cloud assets (including containers), configuration management for hardened baselines, and build/refine processes for proper Threat Management. Create roadmap for deploying event correlation for automated triage and log investigations to move beyond manual investigations.
Annual Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
Identify and document key business and technological dependencies, define and evaluate appropriate recovery times, and ensure business recovery processes support business SLAs.
Vendor Evaluations: Requirements definitions, tech reviews, downselects
Expert advisory services to identify key priorities, define critical requirements, evaluate Vendor offerings, downselect and ensure Vendors are accountable from the sales to delivery lifecycle, especially ensuring appropriate scope and no hidden products or costs.
Vendor Evaluations: Requirements definitions, tech reviews, downselects
Expert advisory services to identify key priorities, define critical requirements, evaluate Vendor offerings, downselect and ensure Vendors are accountable from the sales to delivery lifecycle, especially ensuring appropriate scope and no hidden products or costs.
Architectural Design review and recommendations, including DevSecOps Advisory Services (IaC, Kubernetes, CI/CD, secure code & operations) and Configuration Management
Evaluate security architecture and deployment models across various security domains, map against best practices, provide insights, immediate recommendations, and a strategic roadmap based on the business operating context and risk priorities.
Sales Support for Prospective Clients
Support clients during sales cycles to properly represent the security posture and culture to the prospect in order to win the business with the security story.
Internal Audit Team
Perform formal Internal Audits against the ISO framework, provide detailed documentation, recommendations for improvements, and interactive discussions about findings and action plans.
Mergers and Acquisitions Support
Perform general and/or technical assessments of potential acquisitions to evaluate overall risk, provide feedback to Leadership with ballpark cost estimates for risk mitigation to leverage in negotiations for final acquisition cost.


You will be assigned a Security Advisor who will be available 8am - 5pm in their local time zone, Monday through Friday, except on bank holidays, company offsites, and company breaks, all of which will be communicated prior. We recognize that security and compliance are 24/7 priorities and are best able to exceed your expectations when we invest in our workforce's Learning & Development and dedicated time to recharge.

You will receive weekly status updates that include what was done, what's next, and whether your initiatives are on schedule.

For straightforward questions (e.g. list of potential vendors) asked before 3pm in your account manager's timezone, you can expect answers the same day.

For more complex questions (e.g. policy changes) asked before 3pm, you can expect a response the same day indicating an estimated timeline for an answer or completion.

While account teams work with multiple clients simultaneously, we maintain an industry-leading ratio to ensure that we accelerate your security and compliance programs. We are an award-winning firm because we have helped 200+ organizations get audit-ready ahead of schedule.


One of the most frustrating aspects of interacting with consulting firms is that they largely only know how to use their own in-house tools, and none of those tools are collaborative. We went the opposite approach and embraced the tools that our customers are familiar with, so that we build an experience where Eden truly feels like a part of your team. Some of those tools include:

We create a Slack Connect channel with all of our customers so that continuous communication can be established

Our team tracks tasks, milestones, and deliverables from our customized portal and we also grant your team access for continuous visibility.

We’ll share policy documents for your review and store any key compliance documentation or reports.

Fellow is our source of truth for check-ins, allowing us to create agendas for every meeting and take collaborative notes during the meeting.


3-5 months for SOC 2 - type 1
5-8 months for SOC 2 - type 2

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From 6 months to a year on average

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