Steve Roberts

Cloud Security Engineer

Steve touts over 20 years experience leading initiatives with global/regional impact in the financial services sector- guiding architectural transformation and project delivery expertise. He has built core infrastructures and IT programs, led the adoption of complex security standards such as ISO9001 QMS, provided guidance through cloud adoption and migration, and overseen IT vendor management.As a leader in some of the world’s largest financial institutions and investment banks, Steve is exceptional at navigating team and project management. Recognizing future trends, Steve got into cloud security consultancy vowing to disprove the theory, “you can’t teach old dogs new tricks.” Turns out you can and they can become best of breed.Steve enjoys listening to jazz music (who doesn’t??) and is a self proclaimed ‘foodie’, especially in the culinary genres of Thai and Carribean. Also a foodie with no preference of genre is his adorable pup Teddy, with whom he enjoys long, scented walks through London.