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Adam Wireman-Sobba

Security Advisor

Adam is a risks and controls professional who is passionate about helping clients implement a risk management and security program that best suits their personal environment. Prior to joining Eden Data, Adam spent time with ‘Big Four’ accounting firm KPMG and global financial services firm Ameriprise Financial performing process, key change initiatives, SOX, SOC I, and SOC II audits. Through his five plus years of experience, Adam has become proficient at identifying risks within processes as well as controls to mitigate those risks, and helping clients successfully navigate corrective actions when weaknesses are identified within their processes. Most notably, Adam led the effort for helping one of the nation’s largest banks prepare for and issue their first SOC II report which was highly sought after by many of their clients.

Adam is a proud Midwesterner, where he currently resides in Minnesota. He enjoys fishing on the many lakes as well as spending time with his wife, newly born daughter, and two bull terriers (think Target’s mascot). Adam also enjoys roasting his own coffee at home, but admittedly has some improving to do so do not ask for freshly roasted coffee to be shipped to your door step…yet!