Virtual CISO

Traditional vs. vCISO Comparison

Traditional CISO

$230,000/yr + Options + Benefits
Average employment term: 13 months
Poached/fired due to lack of knowledge
of an evolving industry
Individual experience /
singular environment
More engrained / minimal exposure

Eden Data Virtual CISO

Average employment term: indefinite
More diversified industry experience
& continuous investment in
knowledge base
Collective experience /
multitude of environments
Unique to each company /
maximum industry exposure

Fractional Chief Information Security Officer

As consumer concerns for data privacy and protection have grown in recent years, so has the necessity for this position. In fact, more and more industries and clients are requiring that organizations employ either a virtual (fractional) or full-time CISO to ensure the protection of their data. Cybersecurity is no longer solely an IT objective: it’s a business-level initiative that can either foster or inhibit the collective success of an organization. 

A reputable Chief Information Security Officer can provide cybersecurity protocol for your organization, but a traditional CISO can be an EXPENSIVE cost. Eden Data's vCISO is a fractional cost, but still offers the full benefits of a full-time CISO. Shameless plug: we actually add value in ways that a traditional CISO does not, by doing things like supporting in the sales cycle, interacting with your customers as your security thought leader, and helping you design a beautiful security page on your website!

Consider with us the initiatives of a virtual CISO and their potential implications

Security Compliance

Security Compliance and Data Privacy Programs

Not only do they influence risk mitigation but also market expansion, consumer confidence, and business growth!


Policies, Controls, and Procedures

Not only do they become the building blocks to IT and operational processes, but they’re also a requirement for every single type of audit.

cybersecurity roadmap

Short & Long Term Security Roadmap

Processes, investment in tools, audit timelines, & employment decisions influence the company for years, so let's make sure you get them right!


Security Assessment Questionnaires (SAQ’s) are resource intensive, time sensitive, and absolutely critical to growth at a startup phase. Securing these partnerships directly impacts scalability and market share obtainment, but poor security controls and inadequate processes can compromise these opportunities.

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Audit Lifecycle Management

Audits are as tricky as they are dreaded. The team at Eden Data has experience with both internal AND external audits for firms of every size and industry. We understand what auditors look for.

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By joining our community, you gain a team of cybersecurity experts as safeguards as well as a network of like-minded entrepreneurial professionals.

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