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Cybersecurity Audit

Keep pace with changing industry requirements and go from surviving to thriving.

With Cybersecurity breaches becoming all the rage these days (and for all the wrong reasons), organizations of all shapes and sizes are requiring audit certifications and attestations from their vendors to provide third-party validation of a vendor's security posture.

You can easily navigate the audit life cycle with Cybersecurity audit services from Eden Data.

Cybersecurity Audit Readiness

At Eden Data, we're here to protect your company's data from beginning to end with our top-notch Cybersecurity audit life cycle management services. Our spellbinding Cybersecurity wizards have an endless pit of knowledge and experience in data privacy, security and Compliance, so you can trust that we have the right stuff to keep your company's information safe.

Through our security audit support services, we'll set you up with valuable insights into your company's vulnerability to risks like security breaches and data loss. We'll also deliver advice for shooting down these risks.

When you sign on for external and internal life cycle audit support from Eden Data, we'll dive headfirst into all the following areas:
  • Data Security: We'll take a good look at your encryption use, access controls and data security during transmission, storage and at rest.
  • Network Security: When we dig into your network security, we'll look at elements like network and security controls, monitoring capabilities, security operations center (SOC), and antivirus configurations.
  • Operational Security: Our operational security inspections include a review of your company's security controls, procedures and policies (oh my!).
  • Physical Security: We get physical with these security checks, where we'll check out elements like multifactor authentication, disk encryption, biometric data and role-based access controls.
  • System Security: Our team of Cybersecurity ninjas will size up your system security by analyzing your patching processes, hardening processes and privileged account management.
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What Even Is a Cybersecurity Audit?

You may have never heard this term, but are probably familiar with terms like ‘SOC 2’ or ‘ISO 27001’ — these are considered audits that are focused on Cybersecurity best practices. Cybersecurity audits are in-depth reviews and analyses of your company's information technology (IT) infrastructure and any risks it creates.

Why do all this? The goal is to make sure your business complies with Cybersecurity regulations and has the right security measures to protect its data.

Cybersecurity audits are designed to take advantage of an existing standard, such as SOC 2 or ISO 27001, and gauge predetermined risk requirements. The auditors then explore a business's policies, controls and procedures for managing those risks.

Some of the primary functions of these audits include:
  • Evaluating data security
  • Determining Compliance with industry regulations
  • Assessing the effectiveness of existing security controls
  • Identifying hidden vulnerabilities
  • Ensuring that hardware and software work as they should
  • Pinpointing hardware and software inefficiencies
  • Weighing employee threats and Compliance

There are two types of Cybersecurity audits:

Through internal audits, your company uses its own resources and departments to validate its Compliance systems, processes and controls and determine how efficient they are. Eden Data can be your internal auditor — aka the good guys!

External security audits are when an outside organization comes in to conduct an audit for your company, making sure it conforms with the right regulations and standards.

What the Heck Is the Audit Cycle?

The external and internal audit life cycles follow five main steps to make sure you get the most rigorous security assessments:
  • Planning: The first step of the audit life cycle is planning, where the individuals performing the audit define the areas they'll focus on during the review.
  • Preparation: The preparation phase is where the auditor chooses the proper software, tools and methods for gathering the most accurate data.
  • Conducting: After the initial stages of the audit cycle comes the Cybersecurity audit, where you must provide the proper documentation and keep tabs on data points to promote flawless accuracy.
  • Risk Assessment: During the audit, the auditor will figure out your business's security risks and vulnerabilities based on your security controls, behaviors, activities and assets.
  • Reporting: Finally, the auditor will provide a report containing a rundown of your Cybersecurity posture and tips for improvement.
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Benefits of Cybersecurity Audits

When you come to Eden Data for Cybersecurity audit management services, you can expect some amazing benefits:
  • Identifying Weaknesses: Security audits help you pinpoint areas of weakness and gaps in your protection you may not have known about. When you know where your Cybersecurity is lacking, it's way easier to make corrections!
  • Leveraging In-Depth Analyses: We'll provide you with a thorough, unbiased Cybersecurity analysis so you can know exactly how your Cybersecurity is looking. We'll also give you suggestions for improvement so you have a place to start.
  • Improving Data Security: By evaluating and improving your company’s most sensitive processes, Cybersecurity audits create an additional layer of Hulk-like protection for your organization.
  • Maintaining Compliance: We use our vast knowledge of regulatory Compliance standards to ensure your company adheres to industry requirements, helping you avoid hefty fines and penalties that can sink a startup.
  • Gaining Peace of Mind: With professional security audits, you can feel confident that your crucial data is safeguarded against threats.

Let Us Manage Your Audit Life Cycle

For dependable Cybersecurity audit services, choose Eden Data. We're committed to achieving cutting-edge Cybersecurity for your business while always upholding our end of the bargain.