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When it comes to data security, we’re here to protect your data from beginning to end. Your data is your company's most vital asset, and it needs protecting. Let Eden Data be your data defender. As your knights in shining armor, we'll slay your Cybersecurity dragons and keep your digital information safe — pinky promise.

Our Data
Protection Services 

Entrusting your data health with the professionals at Eden Data's Virtual Security Team offers holistic benefits like:

Professional Consulting

Our team will provide you with professional oversight into your data health and the executive leadership needed to create a plan to improve it — whether that involves freeing up internal resources or creating scalable security programs.

Data Governance

You can achieve complete data visibility and control with our data governance services. We'll make sure your company follows the best policies and standards for data integrity, availability and security across its life cycle through real-time monitoring and remediation.

Data Security

No data of yours will fall into the wrong hands on our watch. We'll safeguard your digital information from breaches with exposure identification, data classification, data discovery and data movement identification processes.

Data Privacy

We'll make sure you have the right data restrictions to ice out unauthorized access with our data privacy services. Our team will help you out by conducting risk assessments, creating data controls, establishing cookie consent and managing data access requests.

Our Data Protection Services 

Data protection is basically what it sounds like — the process of safeguarding an organization's information from being compromised, corrupted or lost. It also includes measures to restore any data that becomes inaccessible or unusable back to a functional state. The more data a company has, the greater its need for data protection services. 

Cybersecurity vs. Data Protection

While data protection and Cybersecurity go hand in hand, they're not quite the same thing. Let's dive right in. 

Data protection is the process of backing up and recovering data, while Cybersecurity is geared toward protecting systems from cyberattacks. In other words, when you protect your data, you create copies of the information you can fall back on if any of the data is lost. And when you secure your data, you prevent unauthorized parties from accessing it. Both processes work together to give you complete control over your data's life cycle.  

Privacy vs. Data Protection

OK, so now you know the difference between data protection and Cybersecurity. Where does data privacy come in?

Data privacy defines who has access to an organization's data, while data protection enforces these restrictions. Think of your data storage as a nightclub (stay with us). Data privacy is the owner who sets the rules for who can come in. Data protection is the bouncer who enforces these rules. While they perform different jobs, both are needed to keep the nightclub running smoothly. The same goes for data protection and privacy.

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