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There are all sorts of nefarious intenders trying to take advantage of your customers and ensure they have a very bad day. Most companies simply care about the transactions between their bank account and their customers, but you’re reading this because you’re not most companies. You care about the well being of your customers, and you want to protect anyone that was kind enough to take a chance on your product or service.

We feel the same way about our customers that you do, which is why we are here to guard your private data so that you can do right by those that you serve.

How We Help

It's unreal how much we want to help you ensure data privacy for your customers. The second you reach out to us, we'll be ready to come to your rescue. How, you ask? Our data privacy pros will work with you to create a mind-blowing data privacy plan for your startup. 

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Comprehensive Privacy Program

With increasingly sophisticated threats becoming eminent, it’s more business critical than ever to proactively establish a comprehensive data protection program.

Resource Alleviation

Data protection programs are extremely  complex and resource-intensive. Eden Data automates technical functions by leveraging AI alongside strategic oversight so that your team can focus on keeping your customers happy.

Foundational Scalability

By building scalable data protection practices into your foundation, especially while your size is reasonable, your organization is primed for exponential growth into any market without hitting delays due to an immature privacy program. 

Peace of Mind

One of the worst feelings is worrying about the unknown, but that feeling can go away as soon as you hand the reins to us! 

Healthy and Reasonable Data Protection

Our Data Pyramid, much like the Food Pyramid, outlines the comprehensive and critical components of our program that establishes healthy and reasonable data protection for clients. By leaving out components (even unwittingly), your organization could risk critical deficiencies that translate to vulnerabilities, that translate to a very bad day.

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Explain It to Me Like I'm Five — What's Data Privacy?

Data privacy is pretty much what it sounds like. It refers to the proper handling of sensitive information like personal data, intellectual property, financial information and anything else you wouldn't want to fall into the wrong hands. By securing this information, companies protect data confidentiality while meeting regulatory requirements. It's basically a home run.

Data privacy has three chief concerns — third-party data sharing, legal data collection and storage, and regulatory restrictions. So, how exactly do you achieve data privacy? We're glad you asked. The key is to establish proactive Cybersecurity measures. That includes obtaining data subjects' consent, maintaining data integrity and setting access controls to prevent unauthorized persons from getting their hands on your company's info.

Why Is Data Privacy Important for Startups?

As a small business, data privacy Cybersecurity is your best friend. It's not something you should do just because the law says to — it also protects you and your customers from the bad guys. 

When you keep your sensitive information safe through our data privacy services, you can expect to reap some pretty sweet benefits for your organization:

Positive Reputation

We've all seen it before — companies come under fire the second they experience a data breach. When you practice data privacy, you don't just protect your data. You also protect your company's reputation.

Customer Protection

Keeping up with data privacy standards prevents your customers' information from being compromised. When your customers feel that their information is in good hands, they're more likely to stick with your business.

Loss Prevention

Let's face it, data breaches can hurt your business. Data privacy measures help you avoid losing assets, revenue and customers so you can take a win instead.

Competitive Edge

Customers care about data protection. As a company that values data privacy, you stand out among the competition as a business people can trust.

Data Privacy vs. Data Security

Data privacy and data security aren't exactly the same thing. However, these two concepts go hand in hand, as they're both branches of data protection. Let's break down the differences.

Data privacy and data security are both aimed at safeguarding user information, just in different ways. Data privacy regulates the way companies handle, process and store sensitive information by giving users control over how their data is accessed, used and shared. On the other hand, data security protects data from internal and external threats by preventing unauthorized access.

Long story short? The difference between data privacy and data security is that data privacy focuses on proper data collection, use and retention, while data security centers around data protection methods, policies and measures. 

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