Privacy At Your Service

There are all sorts of nefarious intenders trying to take advantage of your customers and ensure they have a very bad day. Most companies simply care about the transactions between their bank account and their customers, but you’re reading this because you’re not most companies. You care about the well being of your customers, and you want to protect anyone that was kind enough to take a chance on your product or service.

We feel the same way about our customers that you do, which is why we are here to guard your private data so that you can do right by those that you serve.

How We Help

Comprehensive Privacy Program

With increasingly sophisticated threats becoming eminent, it’s more business critical than ever to proactively establish a comprehensive data protection program.

Resource alleviation

Data protection programs are extremely  complex & resource-intensive. Eden Data automates technical functions by leveraging AI alongside strategic oversight so that your team can focus on keeping your customers happy.

Foundational scalability

By building scalable data protection practices into your foundation, especially while your size is reasonable, your organization is primed for exponential growth into any market without hitting delays due to an immature privacy program. 

Peace of Mind

One of the worst feelings is worrying about the unknown, but that feeling can go away as soon as you hand the reins to us! 

Healthy & Reasonable Data Protection

Our Data Pyramid, much like the Food Pyramid, outlines the comprehensive and critical components of our program that establishes healthy & reasonable data protection for clients. By leaving out compents (even unwittingly), your organization could risk critical deficiencies that translate to vulnerabilities, that translate to a very bad day.

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Are you Ready to get started?

We build world-class compliance programs for scaleups looking to increase revenue and grow their brands. The only question is, will the next company we grow be yours?