Security Assessment Questionnaires

Security Assessment Questionnaires (SAQ’s) are resource-intensive, time-sensitive, and absolutely critical to growth. Securing these contracts/partnerships directly impact scalability and market share obtainment, but poor security controls and inadequate processes can compromise these opportunities

How Eden Data can turn the headache of SAQ’s into opportunity

Full Time Employee

Complete the SAQ but requires more time, resources, & takes the FTE away from other projects
Only concerned with processes that gets the organization through the existing SAQ
May not have the experience to identify what is considered a risk area
May not have the experience to be familiarized with the preferred security jargon
Act as liaison that may not have experience with how to advocate when there’s pushback
Doesn’t typically have the experience of a CISO or the security background needed

Other Firms

Usually only advises and still requires significant internal resources to complete the SAQ
Usually don’t have insight into security roadmap & only concerned with the current SAQ project
Only provides templates to ‘meet’ questionnaire’s risk objectives
Sometimes has experience with security jargon
Have the experience to advocate on pushback but oftentimes rely on internal resources to remediate
Don’t always offer CISO services or they charge extra for the service

Eden Data

Complete the SAQ and write answers to be reused in subsequent SAQ’s
Ensure policies, procedures, and controls are created or refined to expedite future assessments
Quickly remediate risk areas  to score higher on the questionnaire
Affirm the questionnaire is completed in proper security jargon
Act as security liaison with prospective client/partner, advocating on the company’s behalf
Act as your CISO (which is oftentimes a requirement for the client/partner)

Virtual CISO

As consumer concerns for data privacy and protection have grown in recent years, so has the necessity for this position. In fact, more and more industries and clients are requiring that organizations employ either a virtual (fractional) or full-time CISO to ensure the protection of their data. Security is no longer solely an IT objective: it’s a business-level initiative that can either foster or inhibit the collective success of an organization.

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Audit Lifecycle Management

Audits are as tricky as they are dreaded. The team at Eden Data has experience with both internal AND external audits for firms of every size and industry. We understand what auditors look for.

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With Eden Data, security assessments are easy, quick, and leave your internal resources free to focus on business initiatives.

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