Audit Lifecycle Management

Audit Life Management

Eden Data has experience with both internal & external audits for firms of every size and industry.

We help our clients build roadmaps for certification attainments based on business goals, we understand what auditors look for, and we help manage the process by providing the following strategic leadership. Due to the fact that we specialize in serving startups, we inherently have a ton of experience helping customers just like you with ISO 27001 readiness, SOC 2 readiness, HIPAA compliance, GDPR compliance, and more!

Gap analysis & audit roadmap
Build policies, procedures, and controls
Assess overlap with other audits
Build future audit roadmap
tied to business initiatives
& market expansion
Oversee audit readiness
Acting as the liaison with auditors
Provide evidence in proper 'audit language'
Advocate client on any ‘audit pushback’


Security Assessment Questionnaires (SAQ’s) are resource intensive, time sensitive, and absolutely critical to growth at a startup phase. Securing these partnerships directly impacts scalability and market share obtainment, but poor security controls and inadequate processes can compromise these opportunities.

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Virtual CISO

As consumer concerns for data privacy and protection have grown in recent years, so has the necessity for this position. In fact, more and more industries and clients are requiring that organizations employ either a virtual (fractional) or full-time CISO to ensure the protection of their data. Security is no longer solely an IT objective: it’s a business-level initiative that can either foster or inhibit the collective success of an organization.

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