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While maintaining regulatory Compliance is essential for just about every company out there, it's a huge time suck and painfully confusing — especially for startups. While Compliance Risk Management is a necessary evil as your company continues down the path to world domination, your time is much better spent growing your business and focusing on things you're actually passionate about. Thankfully, we can be there to ensure your business is in line with data security standards without lifting a finger! 

At Eden Data, we offer completely unique data Compliance security services for your startup to make sure your Compliance readiness plan is a key ally in helping you meet your business goals. 

Our Data Compliance Services for Startups

At Eden Data, we are obsessed with Cloud-based startups. That's why we want to provide you with Compliance Security services to get your business ready for just about anything — especially SOC 2 and ISO 27001 standards. 

Our Data Compliance services are designed to lead the charge on every phase of your Compliance journey, which includes: 

  • Scoping the standards that make sense for your business and trajectory
  • Building you an amazing Compliance program
  • Independently ensuring your controls are working
  • Leading the audit process with your external auditors
  • Bragging about how awesome your Compliance program is to the world

Our team is full of former Big 4 Compliance ninjas that were taught bleeding-edge best practices by the most successful consulting firms in the world, so they bring all the bells and whistles (skills, knowledge and experience) needed to gauge your Compliance readiness, manage your entire Compliance program and speed up your success.  

To give you perspective on what we can do for you, here are some things we are doing for customers right now:  

Compliance Readiness Assessment 

Our services begin with a Compliance readiness assessment, where we will review your company's existing Compliance framework, policies, procedures and documentation in-depth to determine how ready it is to comply with existing SOC 2 and ISO 27001 regulations. We also focus on some security fundamentals during our readiness exercise, as we are big believers in going beyond Compliance. The assessment will consist of cool things like testing your existing security operations and controls, conducting interviews with your wonderful staff, and delivering observations about your Compliance posture.  

Compliance Risk Management 

After your initial Compliance readiness assessment, we'll move on to managing and actually addressing your company's risks. Every Compliance requirement is tied to a specific risk, and it's good to know what risks are impacting your startup specifically! The goal of Compliance risk management is simply to shoot down your risk of noncompliance and ensure you're aligning with optional standards (i.e. SOC 2 and ISO 27001) or mandatory regulations (CCPA, VCDPA, GDPR).  

Through our risk management services, we'll continue identifying your ever-changing data protection risks and vulnerabilities based on confidentiality, integrity and availability criteria. Our team of Compliance whizzes will pinpoint these risks by evaluating and keeping tabs on your organization's internal controls to make sure they're continuously effective. Plus, we aren't about simply pointing out the problems — we're here to also address those risks for you using best-in-class risk remediation strategies based on factors like budget, time and resources. 

Compliance Readiness Framework (GRC Management) 

Eden Data loves to nerd out on GRC tools — and not only are we big fans of a few out there, we have the skills to be able to manage any GRC platform that you have established. Whether you bought something and haven't started implementation or you've had something for years, our team is trained to jump right in and take over the platform to create or update your Compliance Readiness Framework. 

We'll take the knowledge we gained during our Compliance readiness assessment to start building out a program that's worthy of any customer or prospect that comes your way!

What in Tarnation Is SOC 2?

Let's knock out the technical jargon real quick. System and Organization Control 2 (SOC 2) is an audit procedure that specifies how technology or software as a service (SaaS) companies should manage their customer data. The goal of the Compliance standard is to help service companies ensure their security controls and operations are equipped to protect their clients' information. This standard focuses on your application and supporting infrastructure — not necessarily your entire IT environment. 

SOC 2 Compliance is based on five primary principles, and the beauty is you get to pick which ones you scope in:


This principle is used to stop unauthorized individuals from getting their hands on sensitive information through access controls like multifactor authentication, firewalls and intrusion detection.  


Availability determines whether your company's system, products or services are accessible to customers and meet minimal performance requirements based on your established service level agreement or terms of use. 

Processing Integrity

This principle addresses whether a system is doing what it's intended to do and is free of errors, delays, exclusions and manipulation.  


Confidentiality is your organization's ability to protect restricted data like intellectual property, sensitive financial information and business plans from the bad guys. 


The privacy principle refers to how your company collects, uses, retains, discloses and gets rid of personal information according to its privacy notice and generally accepted privacy principles (GAPPs). 

There are two types of SOC 2 Compliance reports — Type I and Type II. Type I reports look at your company's system design and determine whether it adheres to relevant trust principles, while Type II assesses how efficiently these systems work. All SOC 2 reports are geared to your organization's unique needs. 

What in the World Is ISO 27001?

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 27001 is a Compliance standard that helps companies of all sizes protect their information in a systematic way that doesn't break their banks by adopting an information security management system (ISMS). This framework for implementing an ISMS makes sure data exemplifies top-notch confidentiality, integrity and availability.

ISO 27001 takes a best-practice approach, addressing people, technology and processes to help your organization manage its data security. ISO 27001 certification checks that you've invested in and implemented these practices and deliver a complete rundown of its data protection. Though ISO 27001 certification is not a requirement, it's growing in importance as regulatory bodies push for organizations to get a better handle on their data protection.

What's in It for Me?

We live in the day and age where Compliance is all the rage. Some of the benefits you'll see are:
  • Winning More Sales: Most established organizations out there are demanding some sort of certification AND someone to lead your Compliance program. We'll help you close those prospects that are grilling you on Compliance! 
  • Reducing Costs: When you or your employees are spending time on Compliance, you're losing money. It takes your team longer because you aren't experts (and don't need to be!) and because that's time that's not being devoted to growing your business.  
  • Increasing Customer Trust: Customers are paying attention to how their vendors are investing in security and Compliance, so showing your existing customers that you're investing in Compliance makes a big impact on their loyalty to your brand.  
  • Lowering Your Risk: We like to stay positive, but it's important to point out that risks lead to breaches, which lead to your cash being lit on fire through legal fees, fines and more. We want to help you avoid that!

Compliance is no longer optional

it is still considered a differentiator for companies who can showcase their compliance posture! Check out our latest feature in A-Lign’s 2022 Benchmark Compliance Report explaining the why behind this recent shift.

Are you Ready to get started?

You can ensure Compliance with SOC 2 and ISO 27001 standards (and beyond) with services from Eden Data. We use our extensive Compliance, security and data privacy knowledge to help our customers' businesses grow.  

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