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We can all agree that staying compliant with the latest data regulations is confusing and painfully uninteresting. But there are dozens of new regulatory standards coming out in the next couple of years, and they’re mandated by governments and even enterprise businesses. 

Don’t waste your time trying to keep up with these standards: we’ll track them for you and ensure that your program aligns with existing standards, as well as build a strategy as new ones become relevant to your startup specifically!

How We Help 


By allowing Eden Data to handle your SOC 2 requirements, you can focus on what you love. With our services, you spend less time on compliance, you pass your audit effortlessly, and you live happily ever after
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ISO 27001

Reading the ISO 27001 standard is like reading pig latin: it’s confusing and intimidating, but it also requires a TON of documentation. We’ve got the standard memorized, and are here to make sure you pass with flying colors and get that certificate to share with customers (or even hang on your fridge). 
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Healthcare data is 50X more valuable, simply because of what hackers can do with it! But HIPAA hasn’t kept up with the modern age, and is confusing as heck. Thankfully, our team has healthcare backgrounds and even been through HIPAA audits , so we’ll show you that white glove treatment to ensure you’re protecting patients while keeping Uncle Sam happy!
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Compliance is no longer optional

it is still considered a differentiator for companies who can showcase their compliance posture! Check out our latest feature in A-Lign’s 2022 Benchmark Compliance Report explaining the why behind this recent shift.

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We build world-class compliance programs for scaleups looking to increase revenue and grow their brands. The only question is, will the next company we grow be yours?