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Weights & Biases

Weights and Biases (W&B) builds comprehensive tools for machine learning used for experiment tracking, dataset versioning, and project collaboration.

With the prospect of additional high growth funding and pressure to get SOC2 certified, Weights and Biases was looking for a partner to guide them through these strategies from a compliance perspective.

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Tymeshift is a workforce management solution that leverages forecasting and automation to simplify previously manual team processes.

Their organization is experiencing rapid growth with a global expansion strategy and needed security expertise to attract and protect more consumers.

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Kindbody is a wellness and fertility healthcare provider for women, offering modern, tech-enabled clinics across the country. Due to rapid growth and a quickly evolving international strategy. Kindbody was looking for professionals to advise on their security strategy through these transitions.

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Cyber Incident Reporting

Law Enforcement Cyber Incident Reporting

Cyber threats from malicious actors are a growing concern across the United States. Voluntary sharing of incident information between state, local, tribal, and territorial (SLTT) law enforcement and the federal government is important to ensuring a safe and secure cyberspace.

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