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HIPAA Compliance for SaaS Businesses - Data Protection

If your SaaS company is working with any sensitive information related to patients, should consider looking into getting HIPAA compliant.

Healthcare companies commonly look for HIPPA-compliant application and networking options as a way to be cooperative with their health-related regulations. If your SaaS company is working with any sensitive information related to patients or with anything health-related, definitely consider looking into getting HIPAA compliant. The tools available after becoming compliant offer the healthcare industry lots of benefits such as expanded storage, remote file sharing, custom applications, and the ability to develop proof infrastructure. Here is a guide for HIPPA compliance for SaaS.

‍What is Cloud?

Cloud is a collective term that refers to internet-based computing, which shares resources and gives data on demand to connect devices. Here is shared access to servers, applications, and services that make collecting and sharing data seamlessly. The technology complements a fast-paced environment such as the healthcare sector. Sharing data is more convenient and manageable, which leads to improving patient services and collaboration between professionals and healthcare organizations. Cloud is of benefit to healthcare organizations since it is created to scale along with data and business growth. Organizations will not have hardware limitations; therefore, less money is spent on requirements for infrastructure.

Cloud computing in the coming years will be the healthcare IT infrastructure standard. It will improve the continued development of data analytics and electronic health records. Cloud can be utilized throughout the health IT infrastructure, from data sharing and back-end development to client-facing patient portals and mobile applications. While this technology takes over consumer and business technologies, decision-makers need to trust and understand the cloud solutions that they can implement in their infrastructure.

‍‍SaaS Cloud Service

In cloud technology, the ‘as-a-service is the main identifier. Vendor resources are used to implement the cloud. Organizations pay the vendor resources a subscription fee for a stipulated payment period, similar to paying for common utilities such as electricity or water. So the more an organization uses a solution, the more they pay.

Software as a service is the most commonly used form of cloud computing. Centrally stored data is accessible to users through a web browser. Interface or web-based emails through a web browser are examples of SaaS. The solutions are perfect for organizations with small IT departments since most of the upkeep and maintenance of the solution is done by the vendor. HIPAA compliance for AWS hosted SaaS solutions are perfect in healthcare organizations for functions such as medical practice management systems, electronic health records, and health information exchange.

Importance of HIPAA-Compliant Cloud solutions

Every cloud-based solution used in the healthcare industry needs to be HIPAA compliant. Organizations manage the physical and logistic security of infrastructure and implement security protocols that consider protected health information. Cloud vendors with HIPAA compliance certification declare it and discuss how their solutions are in accord with HIPAA regulations. If your cloud vendor is willing to sign a business associate agreement, then they are HIPAA compliant. Such a vendor will comprehend your healthcare compliance needs.

HIPPA compliance for SaaS comes with various features that are produced and offered in collaboration with other primary vendors. A cloud solution used in a compliant manner should help solve any compliance issues. Whether it is your software or you are using a vendor, ensure that the SaaS is HIPAA compliant and all of their security tools have been vetted. A HIPAA risk assessment makes sure that the organization is up to par with the physical, technological and administrative safeguards.

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