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13 Best Cybersecurity Companies in Indianapolis

Discover the 13 best cybersecurity companies in Indianapolis, their services, specializations, and more. Stay protected with the best in the business.

In the digital age, cybersecurity has become a paramount concern for businesses and individuals alike. With the increasing sophistication of cyber threats, it's crucial to have a reliable cybersecurity partner. Indianapolis, known for its thriving tech scene, is home to some of the best cybersecurity companies in the nation. This article will guide you through the top 13 cybersecurity companies in Indianapolis, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of their services, specializations, and more.

1. Eden Data

Ready for a security upgrade that won't break the bank? Say hello to Eden Data – we are the reigning champion in the cybersecurity arena. Our unwavering commitment to our clients, solution-oriented approach to security, and penchant for innovative strategies are the secret ingredients that have rocketed us to the top.

At Eden Data, we've got a different way of doing things. Here's a glimpse:

  • Team of Cyber Whizzes: Our dream team, an assembly of former military cyber warriors and seasoned Big 4 pros, fortifies your business's cybersecurity foundations. We ensure that as your business scales, so does your cybersecurity fortress.
  • Client-First Approach: Our clients are more than just entries in a spreadsheet; they're our digital family. We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you, keeping your data under lock and key while you focus on what you do best.
  • Flexible Pricing Plans: We've bid adieu to the dated, drain-your-wallet hourly/project rates and introduced a refreshing subscription-based model – Seed, Sprout, and Sapling. It's like hiring a salaried employee without long-term contracts or hefty price tags.
  • Transparency: We won't suggest solutions just to line our pockets, but we'll assess your workspace from every angle to provide the most realistic, effective, and affordable solutions.

We've got you covered, from security to compliance and data privacy. So, why not level up your security game? Outpace competitors and protect your business from falling victim to digital predators.

So are you ready to embark on a safer digital journey? Here's your roadmap:

  • Explore our services here.
  • Review our pricing plans here.
  • Reach out to us to kickstart your cybersecurity voyage here.

Step into the future of cybersecurity with Eden Data. We're ready when you are!

  • Headquarters: Austin, TX ( Serving Indianapolis)
  • Founded: 2021
  • Address: Austin, Texas, 78734, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 737-377-1880
  • Email Address:
  • Website:
  • Specialization: Cybersecurity Consulting Services

2. Thoreson Consulting

As businesses increasingly adopt cloud-based technologies, Thoreson Consulting provides expertise in securing cloud environments. They assist clients in implementing robust security measures, ensuring the confidentiality and availability of data stored in the cloud. Their services encompass cloud architecture reviews, identity and access management, data encryption, and continuous monitoring to detect and respond to cloud-specific threats.

In the event of a security incident or breach, Thoreson Consulting provides swift and efficient incident response services. Their team of experts leverages their knowledge and experience to mitigate the impact of the incident, minimize further damage, and aid in the recovery process. They conduct thorough investigations, offer guidance on remediation measures, and assist in restoring systems and data integrity. In addition to this, Thoreson Consulting demonstrates its commitment to knowledge sharing and awareness by producing an annual report. This report highlights the top three risks faced by small businesses and presents effective strategies for mitigating these threats.

  • Headquarters: Indianapolis, IN
  • Founded: 2021
  • Address: 231 N Pennsylvania St Apt 424, Indianapolis, IN 46204
  • Phone Number: (317) 218-4357
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Specialization: Network Security, Data Backup and Recovery, and Cloud Services

3. Pondurance

Pondurance offers a wide range of security, continuity, and threat management services for businesses from all walks of life, such as healthcare, retail, and education. The company uses both machine learning and human analysis to detect and respond to threats, providing 24/7/365 threat hunting and incident response with its team of experts. 

In addition to this, the company addresses key cybersecurity challenges, such as the lack of trained personnel and over-reliance on technology, by applying human intelligence to counter threats like malware, ransomware, and data breaches. Furthermore, Pondurance specializes in Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services. The company also delivers a variety of solutions, including incident response, advisory services, and vulnerability management. 

  • Headquarters: Indianapolis, IN
  • Founded: 2008
  • Address: 500 N Meridian St #500, Indianapolis, IN 46204, USA
  • Phone Number: (317) 663-8698
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Specialization: Managed Detection and Response, Threat Hunting, and Cybersecurity Consulting

4. Conzer Security

Providing security solutions for businesses, schools, and government entities, Conzer Security Inc. offers a wide range of services, including video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection, and cybersecurity. Essentially, the firm conducts comprehensive risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities and potential threats within clients' IT systems. These assessments involve evaluating existing security controls, analyzing potential weaknesses, and determining the likelihood and impact of various risks. The insights gained from risk assessments enable them to develop effective strategies to strengthen security measures.

Recognizing the challenges businesses face in maintaining IT systems, Conzer Security Inc. offers to outsource the management of these systems to its team of professionals. By doing so, businesses can focus on their core operations while relying on Conzer Security Inc.'s expertise to ensure the security of their IT infrastructure.

  • Headquarters: Indianapolis, IN
  • Founded: 1999
  • Address: 1089 3rd Ave SW Suite 200, Carmel, IN 46032, United States
  • Phone Number: (317) 580-9460
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Specialization: Video Surveillance, Access Control, and Intrusion Detection 

5. ESET 

A global cybersecurity company, ESET provides endpoint protection, cloud sandboxing, and threat intelligence. ESET mainly excels in endpoint protection, safeguarding devices such as desktops, laptops, and mobile devices from malicious attacks. Their advanced security software detects and blocks malware, ransomware, viruses, and other forms of cyber threats, ensuring comprehensive protection for endpoints across the organization. Moreover, ESET's powerful antivirus and malware detection capabilities enable businesses to identify and eliminate known threats effectively. Their security solutions employ signature-based detection, heuristic analysis, and machine learning algorithms to detect and eradicate viruses, Trojans, worms, and other types of web-based threats.

The company also provides products for various operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Android, designed to ensure optimal online security. ESET's multi-layered protection safeguards over a billion internet users worldwide. Plus, ESET offers support in multiple languages 

  • Headquarters: San Diego, California (Active in Indianapolis)
  • Founded: 1992
  • Address: ESET, LLC, 610 West Ash Street, Suite 1700, San Diego, CA 92101
  • Phone Number: (317) 454-9400
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Specialization: Endpoint Protection, Cloud Sandboxing, Threat Intelligence, and Phishing Protection

6. Indiana Tech Support

Indiana Tech Support is a technology consulting firm excelling in web-based solutions. The company prioritizes uptime, providing round-the-clock monitoring to guarantee continuous network functionality. The company also offers VoIP services for call centers or companies needing enhanced telecommunication solutions. 

Furthermore, Indiana Tech Support provides educational initiatives to raise awareness among employees about cybersecurity best practices, fostering a culture of security consciousness within organizations. Additionally, their expertise in cloud security helps clients implement robust security measures to protect data and applications hosted in cloud environments. They also offer custom-tailored cybersecurity planning to address specific security needs and compliance requirements. Moreover, these services are offered for a flat-rate fee, allowing businesses to save money and time. They also provide custom service packages, making them a safe option for companies with large customer service requirements. 

  • Headquarters: Carmel, Indianapolis
  • Founded: 2018
  • Address: 10255 Commerce Dr, Suite 156, Carmel, IN 46032
  • Phone Number: (317) 721-1028
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Specialization: Network Security, Data Protection, IT Consulting, and VoIP

7. C.D.’s IT Consulting, Inc.

C.D.'s IT Consulting offers comprehensive managed web-based services, allowing businesses to outsource their IT departments. This includes proactive monitoring, maintenance, and support for online systems and networks. By taking on the responsibility of managing and maintaining IT infrastructure, C.D.'s IT Consulting helps businesses focus on their core activities while ensuring the reliability, security, and performance of their IT environment. Plus, the company provides data storage and backup solutions as part of its managed services. They assist businesses in implementing secure and reliable data storage mechanisms, including on-premises and cloud-based options. By ensuring regular backups, businesses can minimize the risk of data loss and quickly recover in the event of a breach or system failure.

They also offer cloud migration services, cloud infrastructure management, and cloud-based applications. These cloud solutions enable businesses to leverage the scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency of cloud technology while ensuring proper security measures are in place.

  • Headquarters: Indianapolis, IN
  • Founded: 1994
  • Address: 334 North Senate Avenue, Indianapolis, IN, 46204
  • Phone Number: (317) 522-1362
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Specialization: Network Security, Data Protection, IT Consulting, and Cloud Solutions

8. DeepBlue Computers

DeepBlue Computers provides customized IT consultation services to assist businesses in strategic planning, system implementation, and ongoing IT management. Their team offers guidance on technology roadmaps, infrastructure upgrades, and software implementations tailored to the specific needs and goals of each client. By leveraging their in-depth knowledge and industry insights, DeepBlue Computers helps businesses make informed decisions and optimize their IT resources.

Additionally, their cloud security solutions help businesses securely migrate their data and applications to the cloud while ensuring the integrity and availability of their assets. Plus, DeepBlue Computers assists clients in implementing robust security measures and controls specific to cloud environments, enabling them to enjoy the benefits of cloud technology without compromising their security posture.

  • Headquarters: Indianapolis, IN
  • Founded: 2021
  • Address: 5773 Park Plaza, Indianapolis, 46220
  • Phone Number: (317) 516 5101
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Specialization: Managed IT Services, Network Security, and Data Backup

9. Golars Networks

As a global IT services company, Golars Networks excels in network security. The company offers training programs in various computer networking courses, including Cisco, CCNA, and CCNP, providing individuals and organizations with opportunities to enhance their networking skills and knowledge. In addition to training services, Golars Networks provides network security consulting, assisting clients in developing effective network security strategies, implementing security controls, and conducting risk assessments.

Golars Networks also offers IT staffing services, enabling businesses to find skilled professionals with expertise in network security and related IT domains. By assisting in talent acquisition, Golars Networks helps organizations build capable teams and meet their staffing needs in the field of network security. They also help clients mitigate risks associated with ransomware and provide InfoSec-as-a-Service.

  • Headquarters: Indianapolis, IN
  • Founded: 2009
  • Address: 9761 Crosspoint BLVD STE 500, INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46256 
  • Phone Number: (317) 983-1303
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Specialization: Network Design and Implementation, Security Solutions, and IT Consulting

10. Cyberian Technologies

Cyberian Technologies places a strong emphasis on cybersecurity, offering a comprehensive suite of services to help businesses protect their digital assets and maintain a secure online environment. The company provides round-the-clock security monitoring to detect and respond to security incidents promptly. Their dedicated security teams monitor systems, networks, and logs for any signs of unauthorized access, malware infections, or other malicious activities. In the event of an incident, Cyberian Technologies follows well-defined incident response procedures to contain, investigate, and mitigate the impact of the breach.

In addition to this, Cyberian Technologies assists businesses in achieving and maintaining compliance with industry-specific regulations and general data protection regulations. They stay updated with evolving compliance requirements, providing guidance on implementing necessary controls and practices to meet regulatory obligations. This ensures that businesses mitigate legal risks and protect the privacy of their customer's data.

  • Headquarters: Indianapolis, IN
  • Founded: 2005
  • Address: 5656 W 74th St, Indianapolis, IN 46278, USA
  • Phone Number: (317) 762-5885
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Specialization: Managed IT Services, Cloud Solutions, Cybersecurity

11. Tech365

Tech365 assists clients in securing their data through measures such as data encryption, access controls, and data loss prevention mechanisms. By implementing these security practices, they help protect sensitive information from unauthorized access, data breaches, and other potential threats. Also, the company offers network and data cabling services to ensure reliable data transmission within the client's network infrastructure. Their expertise in cabling helps businesses establish robust connectivity and minimize network disruptions.

Furthermore, Tech365 provides on-site and remote support services, allowing businesses to receive assistance and troubleshooting either at their physical location or through remote access. This flexibility enables prompt resolutions to IT issues, minimizing disruptions and ensuring continuous operations.

  • Headquarters: Indianapolis, IN
  • Founded: 2009
  • Address: 22 East Washington St Ste 640, Indianapolis, IN 46204 and 17555 Willow View Rd Ste 209, Noblesville, IN 46062
  • Phone Number: (317) 762-8362
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Specialization: Tech Support, Networking, Security, and Website Design

12. Proxurve Solutions Inc

Proxurve Solutions delivers services that enhance businesses’ cyber security front. For instance, its ransomware attack restoration allows companies to recover the data lost during a ransomware attack, while its proactive cybersecurity staff training allows employees to get up to speed with the latest defense mechanisms. 

The company also offers a service called ProxyCARE, which provides the support and service of an internal IT staff at a typically lower monthly cost. This is a fully managed service program that provides clients with a complete, secure network solution, including hardware support, software support for Microsoft 365, enhanced security, unlimited local helpdesk support, ongoing cybersecurity awareness, and staff training. It also includes 24/7 monitoring of routers, firewalls, switches, Wi-Fi access points, and servers.

  • Headquarters: Indianapolis, IN
  • Founded: 2002
  • Address: 8755 Guion Rd suite g, Indianapolis, IN 46268, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 317-664-7769
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Specialization: Tech support, training, Ransomware protection, security, and website design

13. AxiaTP

With a strong focus on leveraging advanced technology, AxiaTP offers a wide range of services tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern enterprises. Hence, the company provides a vast array of services to businesses across various industries. These services include:

  • Managing IT solutions to support, protect, and grow businesses for a flat-rate monthly fee. 
  • Enabling hardware and software for checkout stands, payment processing, inventory management, and more.
  • Adhering to various compliance and security standards, including SOC, PCI DSS, CALEA, HIPAA, SOX, and FISMA
  • Providing Microsoft 365 Business Voice, a cloud-based phone system that integrates into Office 365 for an all-in-one communication solution that brings together calling, meetings, and messaging into a single application.

Their core competency lies in delivering IT solutions aimed at enhancing efficiency, productivity, and overall business growth.

  • Headquarters: Indianapolis, IN
  • Founded: 2008
  • Address: 10555 Group 1001 Way, Zionsville, IN 46077, USA
  • Phone Number: (317) 489-3830
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Specialization: Managed IT services, Software Development, and Technology Consulting

Securing Your Digital Future in Indianapolis

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, so does the sophistication of cyber threats. Businesses and individuals in Indianapolis can rely on a multitude of top-tier cybersecurity companies to safeguard their digital assets. These companies offer a wide range of services, from cybersecurity consulting to managed detection and response, network security, data protection, and more. Whether you're a small business owner seeking basic cybersecurity services or a large corporation requiring a comprehensive security solution, Indianapolis has got you covered. Remember, in today's interconnected world, cybersecurity is not a luxury, but a necessity.


The companies listed above represent the best of what Indianapolis has to offer in terms of cybersecurity services. Whether you're a small business owner looking for basic cybersecurity services or a large corporation in need of a complete security solution, these companies have got you covered. And remember – cybersecurity is not a luxury but a necessity in today's interconnected world. 

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