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Build trust with your customers and scale securely with Eden Data, the fastest and smartest way to achieve continuous compliance for SOC 2, ISO 27001, GDPR, HIPAA, and ANY other regulation or compliance framework.

Eden Data has completely revolutionized how companies can adopt a security team, and has a made a service so enticing that we wouldn’t be able to get nearly the same value with an in-house security team.

Eden Data has been the biggest life saver for us. They are compassionate, hard working, and have their ducks in a row.

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Eden Data has not only been extremely helpful but also a pleasure to work with. They are very meticulous with their work and always have guidance on how we should be doing things from a security perspective. I don't know how we would have achieved our ISO 27001 for the first time in 2022 without them. I look forward to continue working and partnering with them.

We had a great experience working with Taylor, Wehman and the rest of the team over at Eden Data. They were always professional in their dealings and gave us the knowledge and assistance we needed to complete our SOCII certification and improve the overall security of our system.

Tyler The Creator


Working with Taylor, Wehman, and our other friends at Eden Data was seamless and painless. They walked us through every step of our auditing process to earn SOC2 certification, helped us deal with pentests, responsible disclosure policies, setting up best practices and so much more.Eden took what would normally be a tedious and time-consuming exercise in compliance hell and turned it into an easy information-collecting scavenger hunt. If audits usually make you sick, Eden Data is the cure.

Tyler The Creator


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