When it comes to data security,

we’re here to protect your data from beginning to end

Professional Consulting

Build scalable programs
Free up internal resources
Executive leadership
Professional oversight

Data Governance

Complete user visibility
Overarching control
Real-time monitoring

Data Security

Data discovery
Data classification
Exposure identification
Identify data movement

Data Privacy

Data risk assessments
Establish data controls

Data access requests
Public cookie consent
Our Data Pyramid, much like the Food Pyramid, outlines the comprehensive and critical components of our program that builds healthy & strong data protection for clients. Without components from each category, your organization could risk critical deficiencies that translate to vulnerabilities.

Entrusting your data health with the professionals at Eden Data's Virtual Security Team offers holistic benefits like:

A comprehensive program

With increasingly sophisticated threats becoming eminent, it’s more business critical than ever to proactively establish a comprehensive data protection program.

Resource alleviation

Data protection programs are really complex & resource intensive. Eden Data automates technical functions leveraging AI then offers strategic oversight so your team can focus on core business functions.

Foundational scalability

By building scalable data protection practices into your foundation, especially while data is manageable, your organization is primed for exponential growth into any market. 

Peace of mind

Rest easy knowing your environment is monitored and secured with optimal risk posture
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