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Fully Managed Cloud Internal Audit
AuditOps is a fully managed cloud internal audit service that investigates your security posture, establishes a baseline of findings with clear remediation paths, and then continuously audits your cloud environment to prevent future misconfigurations and vulnerabilities.
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Breaches Due to Cloud Misconfiguration

“Through 2025, more than 99% of cloud breaches will have a root cause of preventable misconfigurations or mistakes by end users” - Gartner
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The Problem

Maintaining a cloud environment is hard, and becomes exponentially more complicated as you scale your organization.

Cloud misconfigurations occur for two primary reasons:

1) Human error due to lack of insight or experience

2) A lack of quality control or independent review
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The Solution

We combine real internal auditors and security experts with world class automation to quickly and efficiently audit your entire Cloud infrastructure against 20+ different security checks. The best part? We require 0 screenshots, user listings, or system generated reports, as we’ve managed to automate our entire evidence collection. 

In short: you get to scale your cloud environment securely, achieve continuous compliance, and reduce the workload of your engineers to focus more on delivering a great service to your customers.
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What Does AuditOps Deliver?



We conduct an interview to inspect your current cloud environment and validate how many Accounts exist.
Proprietary Software

Proprietary Software

We integrate our proprietary AuditOps tool into your AWS environment with audit access (We NEVER look at production data)
Audit Checks

Audit Checks

We conduct 20+ audit checks and document our findings in detailed work papers


We deliver those findings and create a prescriptive roadmap


We define priority, and ensure findings get remediated


We do this every single week (minus the meetings) to make sure things stay in compliance!

Couldn’t We Just Do This Ourselves Internally?

Let’s be real: most people don’t join a company with aspirations of conducting audit exercises.

We want your engineers to dedicate their time to delivering tremendous value to customers instead of worrying about whether someone in DevOps spun up a new S3 bucket without the correct permissions.
You'd need people with experience being a …

Security Architect

Someone to dive deep on AWS architecture, design patterns, security best practices, and the fundamentals on how to audit an AWS environment. They’ll also need to act as the proverbial ‘bad guy/gal’ in order to hold the other engineers accountable.

Network Security Engineer

Someone who can bridge the gap between Security/Compliance and Engineering while being able to tie associated KPI’s together and establish a culture of security accountability.

Cybersecurity Analyst

Someone to keep up with industry trends, regulatory standards, and emerging attack vectors and best practices in order to apply that information to your specific cloud environment.

Sounds complicated right?

This kind of complicated problem gets the AuditOps crew fired up! We already have the experience, the tech stack, and (arguably the most important) the passion to solve this problem for your organization!

What Does AuditOps Deliver?

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We’re the Good Kind of Auditors

We work for you directly, so our audit findings go to you (or whoever you choose). Also, we have completely eliminated screenshots from our evidence collections process so your internal stakeholders will be happy to work with us!
Our Recommendations Are Unique to YOUR Business image

Our Recommendations Are Unique to YOUR Business

This isn’t some cookie-cutter service: our auditing efforts allow us to find things that are wrong with your exact environment, and our advice is tailored to your unique operating constraints & realities.
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We Get to the Point

Our service is simple: we continuously audit your Cloud environment for misconfigurations and poor security practices, and we let you know as soon as something is out of compliance. We go for the big wins and leave out the marketing fluff!
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What Other Problems Can AuditOps Handle?

Fun fact: AuditOps is a sister company to Eden Data, which offers scalable security/compliance/privacy teams on a nifty subscription basis.

Our team consists of cloud experts, former Big 4 auditors, and various branches of the military. So to answer your question: we can handle a LOT!

Drop us a note and let's nerd out on your current security aspirations!
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